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    Eventric Support

    Hi everyone! We've put out an update to Master Tour that allows you to close guest lists using the Master Tour 3 desktop app, so that anyone with Guest List or Guest List View All & Submit permissions will not be able to enter new guest listings on the Master Tour mobile app or my.eventric.com web portal. Check out this article for more info, along with some more new methods on managing your guest list!




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  • Paul Dalen

    CONTACT INFO:  I ended up printing labels with my name / phone number that I just affix to the guest list before I give it to the box office, or sometimes added those details to the PDF before printing, but your idea is better.

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  • Przemek Chlad

    It would be great and super helpfull  if such a button ( CLOSE GUESTLIST ) appeared in the new version!

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  • Eventric Support

    Hey all,

    Great idea on the Guest List Closing functionality.

    To address your printing question, you can now create Print Templates that can include custom text such as contact information. The easiest way to do this would be to copy the "Guest List 1 - Standard Layout Template" and then edit it with your info.

    I recommend checking out our Printing section for more information on creating your Guest Lists for the Box Office. If you would like any help getting your print outs exactly as you like, reach out to us at support@eventric.com, call us at +1-773-862-4246 or use the Chat function here.

    Please let us know if you have any other feature requests!


    John Schuller

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