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    Hey all,

    If you have a lot of tour dates that you want to delete at a time, you can bulk delete Tour Dates by moving Tour Dates to another Tour, then deleting that Tour. To do this, I'd recommend you create a new Tour by clicking your current Tour Name in the top left corner, then clicking the Add Tour button - just name the Tour "delete" or something, and add one Tour Date. Then go back to the Tour with the Tour Dates you want to delete. Click on a Tour Date you want to delete, then click on the 3 dots to the right of its name on the right sidebar, then click the "move" icon with the arrow.

    You can then select the Tour Dates you want to delete, move them to the "delete" Tour, then go into the Tour Settings of that "delete" tour to delete the entire Tour.

    Obviously this isn't very quick, but will help if you need to delete a lot of dates at once. If it's just a few dates, then either click on the 3 dots then the trash can icon on the right sidebar, or click on the trash can icon on the right sidebar.


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  • Jimmy Mac

    yeah, what Jordan said


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  • David Fairless


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