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    Eventric Support

    Hey All,

    Master Tour 3 has allowed us to make Tour Book printing more flexible, and allows you to customize your reports so you do not have information getting cut off. Information on Printing can be found by clicking here.

    If you are having any trouble getting your Tour Book to look exactly the way you want it, contact us and we will help you to get it looking the way you want.

    Please let us know if you have any other requests!


    John Schuller

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  • Jim Carmichael

    I find that the best tour books are created from day sheets (not the 'print tour' menu ironically). print the daysheet for each day individually (day sheets 6 & 8 are my favourites), creating a pdf for each date. if you date the files properly they will stay in order. Then using Preview on the mac you can merge all the files into one document. You have to use US letter format otherwise the borders get cut off. Then save again as PDF with A4 size …. you have an A4 itinerary. total faff but it works!

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  • Scott Mullane

    I agree. I seem to be double handling a lot of data and would simply like to create a detailed tour book from the data in Master Tour.

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  • Scott Mullane

    I am still unsure if any advances have been made with the printing/exporting of a tour book. If the fields were resizable, then I could probably make something work. 

    None of the PDF generators seem to work at all. They just go through the motions and then tell me they are splitting the pages and that never seems to end. 

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