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    Eventric Support

    Hey Alexandria,

    You need to add each leg in the bottom Connecting Flights area, not just the second leg. So if you're flying from Tokyo to NYC via LA, you would have these two legs in your Connecting Flights:
    Tokyo to LA
    LA to NYC

    Check out this screenshot for an example:


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  • Douglas Casper

    This is helpful to some degree Patrick.

    But when you put this information in a day sheet it does not seem to contain the full information for the flight times and numbers.


    Yes you can see this info under the Travel heading but when you print a day sheet the only info displayed is the airport of departure and time, original flight number, connecting airport, arriving airport and time.


    It does NOT indicate the time of arrival at the connecting airport, the time of departure from the connecting airport or the airline or flight number.

    Is there a way to change the way it displays?



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