Notification when tour info changes



  • Andrew Lefkowits

    I think an option upon saving a change could be to "Notify crew" - maybe with a drop down of crew groups to notify - the band, the crew, everyone, etc. However, I think an automatic notification isn't a great idea, as one change usually requires 2 - 4 other changes at the same time.

    This could be solved just by allowing push notifications to be sent from the mobile app so that notifying everyone of a time change would be easy to do from mobile.

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  • Bianca Poldermans

    I think some kind of notification would be great. Especially for important changes like load in. Minor changes in the schedule shouldn't be sent necessarily it will drive everyone nuts.

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  • Chris Madden

    I'd like a notification (email or app alert) of any change or update to any item in the tours I subscribe too. And I think that this should happen without input from the TM/PM, or a whoever is inputting the data, as this will just add another layer of complication and work.

    I just need to know something has changed and maybe the page it's changed on. (Schedule / event / hotel and so on)


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