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    Eventric Support

    Hey all,

    Master Tour 3 allows you to mark a Tour as Archived to hide it in your Tour List in the desktop application. To do this:

    1. Click on your Organization Name/Tour Name in the top left corner, then click on a Tour Name to select it
    2. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner
    3. Click on the Settings option under Tour on the left sidebar
    4. Toggle the "Tour is archived?" option to Yes
    5. This will hide the Tour from your Tour List on the desktop app. Please note that this will not hide the Tour from the mobile app or web portal - you can use the "Tour is visible to mobile users?" toggle for that.


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  • Bryan Aiello

    I started doing this on my own. I archive tours by year, so once a year is over, I move all of the tours for that year into a tour with the name of that year. So every 2014 tour will be moved into a tour labeled 2014. It cleaned it up the menu quite a bit for me and all of the info is still there. The only things I think I lost are tour names and what crew were on it, which I'm not too concerned about. I do think an 'archive' folder would be helpful and save the legwork of having to move each date over

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