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    Eventric Support

    Hey all,

    In the Master Tour 3 desktop app, we have a monthly calendar that you can filter by Organization, and can click on Events to take you directly to that Tour Date. Just click on the calendar icon in the top right corner of Master Tour 3 to get to this section.

    We also have improved our calendar subscription feature significantly, so now you can subscribe to all of your Master Tour events in one calendar, all of a single Organization's events, or all of a single Tour's events. Check out this article for more info on how to subscribe to Master Tour calendar info in Apple Calendar and Google Calendar, or other calendar apps:


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  • Andrew Lefkowits

    Hey Glenn! Nice to see you on here.

    I agree that a monthly overview would be great. In general, I'd love to see a better overview page for a tour so that I can quickly see what info is missing - where am I missing hotels, where have I not input tech details, etc. Right now, I find myself having to click through every page of every show to double check that all the info is included. A tour overview page would be great.

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