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How do I Reset My Master Tour Database?

How do I Reset My Master Tour Database?

Eventric Support Answered

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What is your offline database?

So that you can access your tour data offline, Master Tour stores a copy of your tour data on your local computer.  The data is stored in a regular file that you can copy, rename or delete like any other file.

If you delete or rename the database file, Master Tour will create a new blank database, and you will need to sync in each of your Organizations in order to redownload all your tour data for offline use.  You may be instructed by Eventric Support to reset your database in order to diagnose or clear up certain problems.

Reset Your Database

WARNING:  make sure you have Synced Master Tour before resetting your database.  This makes sure that all the info you've entered into Master Tour on your current computer is saved to our servers, so you can redownload it after resetting your database.

First, make sure you've quit Master Tour.

To reset the database simply locate your database file (shown below), and move that database file to a different location on your computer, not inside the MTD Data folder. We recommend creating a folder called MTD Backups that you keep these old databases in. You may see multiple database files, named like mtd.db.XXXX, make sure you remove ALL such files from your MTD Data folder.  Once your data has been re-downloaded from our server you may delete your old mtd.db files if you wish.  The database files generally are not very large, so you can keep backup copies for safety if you wish.

Then just restart Master Tour, and it will be like you're opening it for the first time. All synced data for your Organizations will be pulled down from our servers, which may take some time depending on how much data you have in your Organizations.

To Locate Your Database File on OSX (under Macintosh HD>Users>*your Mac username*>MTD Data):


If you're having difficulty locating your home folder, go to Finder, then the very top menu bar under Go, then Home - this will take you to your Home folder, where the MTD Data folder is located.


To Locate Your Database File on Windows

* Note: Windows 7 the location is "C:\Users" instead of "C\Documents and Settings"


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