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    Eventric Support

    Hey Francois,

    Master Tour 3 now offers Visibility functionality which will allow you to control Visibility to Tours, Tour Dates, Hotels, Travel Items, Schedule Items and more. 

    You could then set up different User Groups for each of your Crews, and then use Visibility to control who has access to each individual tour.

    For information on User Groups click here.

    For information on Visibility click here

    Let us know if you have any questions!


    John Schuller

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  • Eventric Support

    Hey Francois,


    Currently, syncing occurs at the Organization level, so you'll have to create separate Organizations for different tours if you want the info to be visible at the same time for different Users.

    If you have one tour happening after another, though, you could mark your current tour as Visible on Mobile and only have your current Users added to your Organization, then when your current tour ends, mark that Tour as Hidden On Mobile, remove any Users you don't want to see your new tour, then mark your new tour as Visible on Mobile and add any Users you want to view that info to your Organization. More on hiding and showing Tours here:



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