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How To Get To The Set List Section

On the left-hand side on click on "Set List". Another way to get there is by clicking on "Navigate" on the top left of your screen then "Set List", or CMD + 8 [Mac] CTRL + 8 [Windows]



How To Get To The Song List Section

When constructing a set list you'll want to first add your songs to your Song List. To access your Song List click on the gear icon above then "Song List" on the left-hand side under your organization's settings.



Adding Songs To The Song List Section

To add songs click on the "ADD+" button at the top right. Once clicked, you can begin inputting info on the right-hand side of the menu.



Uploading Attachments

If there is a PDF of tech notes or a file you'd like to upload to your songs you can do so by clicking on "+ Add Attachment". From here, select your file.



Adding Tech Notes & Visibility

Using Master Tour's visibility feature allows you to select which group of users would you like to have access to certain bits of information.

This does not apply to Manager or Admin permission users.

To add tech notes to your set list click on your song of choice and look for the "Tech Notes" section fo your right-hand side menu. From here, you can begin adding in any information needed on the "NOTE" text field and have the visibility set right above.



Adding Songs from your Song List to your Set

Click on "Set List" on the left-hand side then "Create Set List".


From here, you can begin to add songs through either an individual manner or by clicking "Select All" from your Song List.




Adding Guest Performers and Specific Notes to Songs

To add any Guest Performers or Notes to songs simply type them in their designated fields under your Set List section after clicking on your song of choice.



Copying Previous Set Lists

To copy a previously made Set List select your date and click on "Add Song" at the top right.


From here select the date you'd like to copy from by clicking on the show box and selecting "All Set Lists". You can now select the specific show date you'd like to import from.



Adding Song Breaks

To add song breaks hover over with your cursor on any song. Here, you will see two options, "Add Song" and "Add Break". Click "Add Break".




Moving Songs & Breaks

If at any time you're needing to move songs or breaks you can rearrange them by clicking and dragging them to your desired order.



Removing Songs from a Set List

To remove songs from a Set List select your song(s) on the left-side column. RemovingSongs.png

Once selected, click on "REMOVE" at the top-right.



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