Adding, Deleting, and Changing Tour Date General Info


How To Add A Tour Date

To add a tour date, select your tour on the top left. From here, click on the "+" icon at the bottom right-hand side.


Then, you'll be able to select either a single date, or a range of dates in the resulting dialog. In this example we've just selected a single date:

Next step is to select the Day Type, and enter basic info for your Tour Date(s). There are 3 basic Day Types that will give you different setup options:

  1. Show Day
    For Show Days, you can start typing in the Venue field to search our Venue database for records, and pull in all the info we have for each venue. Just start typing your Venue's name, then click on your Venue in the results list to apply it to your Tour Date. If your Venue doesn't exist in our database, Master Tour will look up your Venue's name on Google, and give you the option of using the Name, Address, Phone Number and URL that Google has on record. Master Tour records will appear with a Master Tour logo on the right, and Google records will appear with a Google logo on the right:
    If your Venue isn't in the Master Tour database and isn't on Google, then you can manually type in the Name, then tab to the Address field or click out of the search bar to manually enter in other basic location info for your Venue.
  2. Day Off
    Selecting Day Off will allow you to enter basic City/ST/Postal Code/Country info. This will also automatically look up your Tour Date's Time Zone, so make sure to fill it in!
  3. Travel Day
    Selecting Travel Day will allow you to enter basic City/ST/Postal Code/Country info. This will also automatically look up your Tour Date's Time Zone, so make sure to fill it in! If your Travel Day is across multiple Time Zones, it's up to you which location you choose to be that Tour Date's main Time Zone, and you can always set different Time Zones for your Travel Items' Start and End times.

All Day Types will also allow you to apply a Schedule Template during Setup, to automatically fill out a Tour Date with a predetermined Schedule. If you don't have any Schedule Templates created yet, you can always add Schedule Templates to each Tour Date after they're created.

After you select a Day Type and add info for that Tour Date, click the Next button to go to the next date. Once you get to the end of your range of Tour Dates, you'll see a Finish button, which you can click to see your new Tour Date(s), ready to edit with further details!



Locations and Time Zones

When you choose a Venue, Master Tour will automatically use that Venue's location as your Tour Date's location. Then, Master Tour will look up and set your Tour Date's time zone based on your Tour Date's location and the time of the year in which it takes place. If you want to change your Tour Date's location, you can do so by clicking in the top left corner just beneath the Tour Date's Title:



How To Change A Tour Date's Title

To change the Title of a Tour Date click on its current Title on the upper left-hand side and type out a new one.


How To Change A Tour Date’s Day Type

If you're needing to switch a tour date's type (promo day, travel day, day off, etc.) you can do so by clicking on the current type on the upper right-hand side and opening the drop-down menu. You can also type in a custom Day Type by clicking directly on the text, and editing the text:


How To Change The Calendar Date Of A Tour Date

To change the date of an already inserted tour date, click on its date on the upper right-hand side.


Once clicked, you will see a confirmation message stating the following:


And then you'll be able to select a new Calendar Date from the date picker!


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