Importing Flight and Hotel Info with TripIt


Importing From TripIt

Our TripIt import feature will bring in all hotel and travel info you have listed on their service and organize it for you in Master Tour's itinerary. This will include air, ground, sea, and rail travel items with departure and arrival times assigned to it. Last but not least, it will import your hotel records with check in/out times.


How To Sign Up For TripIt

Visit TripIt's sign-up page located on their home page with a "Create An Account" button.

TripItHomePage.png TripItSignUp.png

Once you have placed your email you will receive a verification link in your inbox. Click on the "Verify Email" button and you can begin setting up your account.



How To Forward Emails To TripIt

To send an email with a trip confirmation to your TripIt account, forward it over to This will import it automatically.


How Your Info Looks In TripIt

Once you have set up your travel items and hotel records TripIt will generate an itinerary based on the dates collected in chronological order.


Each of these items can be edited, shared, moved, or copied at any time.


How To Import Flights Into MT

Click on Master Tour's File on the top left of your screen, then "Import from Tripit".


After selecting the import option, you will be greeted by a request to allow Master Tour to access your TripIt account, click "Allow".


Once you've granted access to Master Tour from TripIt, you can now choose the Flights and Hotels you'd like to import by checking them off.






How TripIt Info Appears On Master Tour

Once imported, travel and hotel info will appear on their correct dates. If no date was created for them Master Tour with automatically generate a date with that info in place.

This is how flight items appear with their connecting flights:



This is how hotel info appears:


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