With Master Tour 3, you can have a list of individuals or user groups that are only allowed to see a particular selection of items in the Schedule, Travel, and Hotels sections.


How To Apply Visibility To Items

Visibility can be found under the settings of the specific item you're editing. To find it, click on your item and scroll down on the right-hand section of it.


You can choose to apply visibility to both user groups or individual users by scrolling down on the dropdown menu.


How Visibility Appears On Desktop and Mobile

Visibility works on a seamless level in which users who have it applied to them will simply see the item per usual. In this example, we have a band member viewing on the mobile app with a specific hotel record set to them.




Note: By default, all users will see an item if no visibility is applied to it.

A user with a manager (or higher) level permissions will be able to see all information regardless of applied visibility.


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