How To Get To The Travel Section

Select a date on the right sidebar and click on "Travel" on the left-side bar.

Auto Title/Custom Title

After adding in a new Travel item you can choose to either stay with the auto title, generated by the location and time inserted. Or you can switch to Custom Title at the top of the item and type in your own.



To confirm a travel item, click on "CONFIRMED" or "UNCONFIRMED" on the upper-right section of your item. This will allow it to be highlighted on both your desktop client and mobile app to indicate its status.


Using Time Zones

Master Tour uses Time Zones to provide auto-calculations of your travel durations. With this system, you can calculate both Travel Time and ETA by inputting an Origin and Destination location with their Time Zones. 

To add a Time Zone to a Travel Item scroll slightly down to bring up your Departure and Arrival fields. Click on the Time Zone box on the bottom of each section and type in the major city or abbreviation for the Time Zone you'd like to use.

Entering Times And Day Of/Day After

Note: Time format adjusts automatically between 12 and 24-hour format, based on your computer's regional settings and formats

Click on the item and scroll slightly down to the Departure and Arrival sections. Click on the "Departure Time" and "Arrival Time" boxes to type a custom time or the clock symbol to the right of each to set one in. You can also choose to have the Travel item be set on the day of show or after if it crosses over Midnight.

Setting Up Connecting Flights

To enable connecting flights for an air travel item, click on "Yes" on the connecting flights' toggle option. After, click on the "ADD FLIGHT LEG" button.


To properly set up your flight route, begin with your first departure leading to your first stop.



After, proceed to add the rest of your connecting flights along with their departure and arrival times. You can then use the travel map to verify if your route is correct.



How It Shows In The Mobile App

All of your travel items flow down the screen chronologically with your date's daily schedule. You can identify these items by looking for their travel type symbol such as a Plane, Bus, Train Rail, etc. You can also see your confirmed items highlighted in blue like previously mentioned.

You can also view more info on the travel item by tapping it. Travel Details include travel time and if it's confirmed or unconfirmed on the top right.TravelItemsMobile.pngTravelItemOnmobile.png

Assigning Parties To Travel Items

To assign a party to a travel item scroll down until you've reached the Summary section. From here you will find the "PARTY" text field in which you can click and type in the name of the party you'd like attached to the item. For more info on Visibility click here.



To set visibility for a specific group of users from your User Groups scroll down to the Summary section for your item and click on the "VISIBILITY" selector. From here you can browse through your User Groups and individual accounts selecting those that apply.

Travel Time/ETA/Distance

Each travel item has fields for Travel Time, ETA, and Distance. While Master Tour does its own calculation generated by location and departure/arrival times, these fields can be customized as well if any information is to be altered.

Select on the Travel item you would like to edit. Scroll down in the area to the right until you've reached the Summary section. From here click on the fields you would like to edit.

Travel Types

With Travel Items you have four different travel types you can set. These are Ground, Air, Rail, and Sea. Each type comes with travel-specific fields to custom tailor your party's movement.

If you happen to have a travel itinerary, you can import it using our TripIt import option under the File menu. For more info on this, click here.



With ground items, you can add Origin/Departure locations to get an auto-calculated result for your travel time. You can even select an address quickly by clicking on the pin symbol next to these fields to select a venue or hotel's address.


With flight items, you have fields for not only your Origin/Destination sections but also Ticket Status, Airline, Flight Number, and more.

You can also set connecting flight legs to your Air travel items by selecting "Yes" on the bottom of the item's sections. Here you can begin to log info such as Airline, Flight Number, and Departure/Arrival.


Rail Travel Items contain Train Number, Rail line, Ticket Status and more.


Sea travel items contain the same general fields most travel items contain but info for generating a map for viewing is possible.


Travel Notes

Just like your daily notes, there is a travel-specific notes field. You can find this field at the top of the Travel section. Simply click to edit.

You can also find your travel notes on your Mobile App under the "SCHEDULE" tab of your selected date.

Deleting A Travel Item

To delete a travel item simply click on the bin symbol next to the specific item you're wishing to remove. You can find these to the right of the item on the left sidebar, a connecting flight leg, or on the top-right of the travel item.


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