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To get to the Guest List section of the Master Tour desktop application, just click a Tour Date on the right side, then click the Guest List section on the left side. You can also click Navigate>Guest List in the top menu bar, use the Cmd-7 keyboard shortcut on MacOS, or use the Ctrl-7 keyboard shortcut on Windows.



Here, you'll see all the guest list requests that have been submitted for this Tour Date from the Master Tour Mobile app, the Web Portal, and the Master Tour desktop application.


Adding A Guest Listing

To add a guest listing, you'll just start entering info in the top row of the Guest List. Similar to Excel and other spreadsheet programs, you can use Tab and Return/Enter to progress through the fields of your Guest List entries.

  • Tab - progresses to the next field in a Guest Listing
  • Shift-Tab - goes to the previous field in a Guest Listing
  • Return (or Enter) - progresses to the next Guest Listing in your Guest List
  • Shift-Return (or Shift-Enter) - goes to the previous Guest Listing in your Guest List

After you've added as much info as you want to add, you can either click the red + button on the right side, or type Return (or Enter).


Please note that Return and Shift-Return shortcuts do not work in the Notes field, since Return is used to make new lines there. However, you can still Tab into and out of the Notes field. On new Guest Listings, you can Tab out of the Notes field to finish creating the Guest Listing and return focus to the Last Name field of the "New Guest" row at the top.

Most fields are freeform text fields, but # Of Tix and Pass Types will only allow you to enter numbers, while Status and Pickup only allow you to select options from a dropdown list. Priority is a simple Yes/No toggle, which you can click on or type a Space in to toggle on or off.

As you enter info, some of this info will show up as default data in the "New Guest" row at the top to help make data entry easier. For instance, if you're entering a group of Guest Listings that all have the same Affiliation, after you type in the first Guest Listing with that Affiliation, your subsequent Guest Listings will default to having the same Affiliation. Status, Affiliation, Requestor, and Pickup all will default to the values from the last Guest Listing you added, but can be changed at any time.


Organization-Wide Guest List Settings

Getting to the Organization Guest List Settings

  1. Go to Navigate>Organization in the top menu bar:

    or click on the gear to the right of your Tour's name:
  2. Click on the Guest List section of your Organization Settings:
  3. Here, you will see all your existing Guest List Pass Types, and your Guest List Notification Emails toggle:


Setting Up New Guest List Pass Types

By default, a new Organization will only show the # Of Tix column, and will not have any additional Guest List Pass Types showing as options in your Guest List. In order to add new Guest List Pass Types for you and your users to request you'll just need enter:

  1. a short Abbreviation that will show in your Guest List grid (recommended 1-3 characters long)
  2. a Description of that Guest List Pass Type
  3. the material on which the Guest List Pass Type will be distributed

Once you add this info, your new Guest List Pass Type will appear in the Guest List section for each of your Tour Dates, and will be available for Users with Mobile Guest List or greater permissions to request on Master Tour Mobile and the Web Portal.


Automated Guest List Notification Emails

In the Organization Guest List Settings section, you also can toggle Automated Guest List Notification Emails on or off. If you select Yes here, then whenever a Guest Listing is Approved, an email will automatically be sent to the email address in the Email Notify field of that Guest Listing.

For instance, here is entered under Email Notify. When this Guest Listing is Approved,

an email is automatically sent to, letting them know their tickets were approved:


Note that this email includes numbers of Tickets and each Pass Type that the Guest has been approved for.


Setting Allotments

To enter allotments for Tickets and/or Pass Types, just click into the Num Allowed field for a Ticket or Pass Type, and enter how many you have available for the event:


The totals at the bottom will show how many Tickets/Passes you have Remaining, and the number Remaining will turn red if you've gone over your allotment and have a negative number of Tickets/Passes remaining.

Setting a Num Allowed will not prevent Users from submitting new Guest List Requests.


Changing Statuses of Multiple Guest Listings

To change the Statuses of multiple Guest Listings at a time, just check the checkboxes of any Guest Listing whose status you want to change, then click the "Mark Requests" button in the top right corner to select a new Status for the Guest Listings:


You can select all of your Guest Listings at once by clicking on the checkbox in the top left corner of the Guest List, just to the left of where it says "LAST" in the header row.

Sorting and Filtering

To Filter out Guest Listings and focus on some particular Guest Listings, just click on the Filter button in the top right corner, then check the checkboxes for the Requestor, Status, or Affiliation you'd like to see:

You can use Filtering in combination with the checkbox in the top left corner to quickly select different types of Guest Listings and change their Statuses in bulk. Notice that the Totals at the bottom change with each Filtered selection, and only show the Totals from the Filtered Guest Listings.


To Sort Guest Listings, you'll just click on the header title of a column to sort by Ascending or Descending order:



Deleting Guest Listings

To delete a Guest Listing, just click on the trash can icon to the right of the Guest Listing, then click the Delete button to confirm you want to delete the Guest Listing. You can also delete Guest Listings in bulk by checking the checkboxes of multiple Guest Listings, then clicking the Remove button in the top right corner. Deleting Guest Listings is irreversible, so please use caution. If you delete a Guest Listing accidentally, then you will need to add that Guest Listing back again manually.


Exporting and Printing Guest Lists

To export a Guest List, just check the checkboxes of all the Guest Listings you want to export, then click the Export Selected button in the top right corner:

This will export a .csv file of these Guest Listings that is openable by Excel and most other spreadsheet applications.

For more info on printing a Guest List, check out this article on Printing.


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