If you want to add an entire tour or a range of tour dates, please look at our articles on Setting Up Your Tour, and on Adding, Deleting, and Changing Tour Date General Info.


Getting To The Events Section

After clicking on your date on Master Tour, click on the Events Section on the left-hand bar.


Adding Events

If you do not have any existing Events on the Tour Date, click on "ADD EVENT" button at the center of your Events section:

If you already have an Event on your Tour Date and wish to add another, you can do so by clicking the red + button at the end of your Events tab(s):


Once you have clicked on the "ADD EVENT" button you can start typing your Venue's name, then click on your Venue in the results list to apply it to your Tour Date. If your Venue doesn't exist in our database, Master Tour will look up your Venue's name on Google, and give you the option of using the Name, Address, Phone Number and URL that Google has on record. Master Tour records will appear with a Master Tour logo on the right, and Google records will appear with a Google logo on the right:


If your Venue isn't in the Master Tour database and isn't on Google, then you can manually type in the Name, then tab to the Address field or click out of the search bar to manually enter in other basic location info for your Venue.


To View Your Record In Google Maps

In the Events section, you can either go to the Overview, or Venue section to see the link to open that Venue's location in Google Maps.

From here click on the map icon on the top right of your venue and it will open in Google Maps.


Here, you can find the exact address and coordinates:


To edit your latitude and longitude, click on the 'VENUE" section of your event and type in your desired coordinates.


If you want to find a specific latitude and longitude, say for a specific loading dock or festival entrance, open Google Maps.

  1. Right-click the place or area on the map where you want to find coordinates
  2. Select What's here?
  3. At the bottom, you’ll see a card with the coordinates

(If you're using Maps in "Lite Mode", you’ll see a lightning bolt at the bottom and you won't be able to get the coordinates of a place)


Adding Phones/Emails/URLs

Click on your chosen event, then the "VENUE" section. From here scroll down to see the Venue Contact Information section. To add information into your fields simply click on the "Add Phone Number" or "Add Email Address" texts marked below.


From here you can see the venue's contact info which includes phone numbers, emails, and URLs. If the record doesn't have any information provided you can add in your own by clicking on the text field you'd like edit and type the info in.


Adding Key Contacts To A Venue

Select the venue you're wishing to add contact info for and scroll down. You will then find a Key Contacts section in which you can add to by clicking the + symbol


Proceed to type your info in the text fields presented, and simply click on the "Add Phone Number" or "Add Email Address" links to add those fields and enter info.


You can also search for any existing contacts you happen to have in your database. To do so simply click on the search bar listed above, start typing the contact's name you're looking for, and a list of results will appear. Once you've found the right contact record simply click on it to add it in.



Adding/Removing Promoters

To add a Promoter to your Event, navigate to the "PROMOTER" section listed on the left side.


To add a promoter click on "ADD PROMOTER" button located at the center of the screen.


When typing info in for a promoter Master Tour automatically searches for ones you may already have in your system. If none are available, simply enter a new record for your promoter on the text fields presented.


To remove a Promoter click the "Remove Promoter" button in the top right of the screen.


Adding Production, Facilities, Equipment, Logistics, and Local Crew

To add more in-depth info to your venues, click on the Production, Facilities, and Equipment, Logistics, and Local Crew sections on the left side of the Events section.

For each section on the Venue, you can add specific fields of info by clicking the top right on "+ ADD FIELD". If there is a custom field/label you'd like to create, click on "+CUSTOM FIELD".

Any fields that you add to one Venue will automatically be shown on any new Venues you add in the desktop app, regardless of if there is info in those fields. If you don't wish to show these fields when they don't have any info entered, you can click on the HideDefaultVenueButton.png button to hide them as a default:


Any of these fields that has info entered for it can also be viewed via the mobile app by tapping on your event, the EVENT section on the top, then tap on the venue's title.


Adding Labor Calls

Click on the Labor Call section on the lower left.


From here you can continue to type info on Time, Call, Type, and more.


Unlinking Venues

Unlinking a record allows you to edit a venue's information only on one Tour Date, without saving that info for any future Tour Dates, and without updating the info on any existing Tour Dates.

For example, if you add the same Venue on two Tour Dates but do not unlink the records, then any information you edit such as Venue Name, Production, Logistics, and Facilities info will be the same for both dates.

To unlink a venue record navigate to the VENUE tab on the left-hand bar.


From here click on the "UNLINK" button on the upper right.


Removing Venues

To remove a venue simply head on over to the Venue tab on the upper right and click on "REMOVE VENUE".


Deleting Events

To delete a whole event, click on "DELETE" on the top right when viewing your Venue Section Overview.

Please note that will also delete the associated Guest List, Set List, and Accounting tied to it.


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