How To Get To The Hotels Section

Upon selecting your chosen date, click on the Hotels section on the left-hand side. You can also use Cmd-3 [OSX] / Ctrl-3 [PC] to get to your Hotel Section.


When in the hotel section you will see a menu like this:


Adding A Hotel - From Master Tour's Database or Google

To select a hotel to attach to your date click on the "+ ADD" text on your top right.


Type in the name of the hotel you're searching for. Master Tour uses a combination of local stock records submitted by users as well as google places records if it's not already inputted to find you an exact match. You can identify the difference by looking for either the Master Tour or Google logo to the right of each of your search results.


 Once you've found your desired record set the check-in and check-out date below and click "SELECT".


If you also happen to have info on TripIt with your hotel stays, you can also use our import feature for that. For more info on how to do this please visit our Using TripIt with Master Tour article.


Visibility & Hotels

With Master Tour 3's visibility features you can choose which people can see hotels. If you're needing more info on setting that up you can view our article on visibility.

Please note that users with Manager or greater permissions will be able to see all Hotels (regardless of Visibility) on the mobile app.

How To Set Visibility Settings To Your Hotel Records

Click on the hotel record you would like to edit and scroll down on the right-hand menu.

From here you can apply which groups you'd like to enable visibility for the selected hotel. Click on the visibility box and you can check in those groups you'd like permitted.


Once you've set your visibility options you can verify them by seeing your selected groups assigned to the item.



Opening a Hotel Location in Google Maps and Its Listed Website

Click on the hotel record you're wishing view info for. To view the hotel's address on Google Maps click on the Map icon. To view the hotel's listed website, click on the box with an outward arrow.


Adding Key Contacts (Phones/Emails/URLs) To Hotels

Click on the hotel record you would like to edit info for.


After selecting your record you can set key contacts at the bottom of the right side menu.


From here, click on the "+" button. After clicking, you will see a pop-up box appear in which you can begin adding Role, Email, Phone, and URLs. Once you have filled the info, you can continue to edit these contacts by clicking "Edit Full Contact Record".

You can also search for existing contacts by typing in their first name in the search bar if you already have them in your database.

Room List

Click on the hotel record you are wishing to edit and click on the "Room List" to the top-right to it.


To add a user click on the "+ ADD" and select which groups or individuals you'd like to add from your User and User Groups section. You can also fill info in for bag tags, room numbers, and smoking/no smoking.



How To View The Room List On Master Tour Mobile

After loading up your tour select your date and the "Hotels" section. From here you will see your hotels listed and a "Room List" section below the hotel record's name. Click on it and you will open up the room list entered on Master Tour.




How To Add General Hotel Day Notes

Once you have selected your chosen hotel you can add general hotel notes for mobile viewing.

After adding the general hotel notes, you can view them from your mobile app by heading to the hotel's date and looking under the "Schedule" tab, under "HOTEL NOTES".



Adding Hotel Notes To A Specific Record

Select the hotel record you wish to add notes for. Scroll down on the right-hand menu until you've reached the "NOTES" area.


Add your info and it will appear under your hotel record on the mobile app under "Notes".


Extending Stays For Hotels On Master Tour

With Master Tour, you can reduce some time inputting hotel info for multiple dates at the same location. If you happen to be staying at the same hotel for multiple dates you can easily extend the information by placing it for the first date and copying and pasting from there. Here's how to do so:

Click on the date you're wishing to extend the hotel info onto. From here click on the "EXTEND STAY" button on the top right of the menu.


After doing so you click on the hotel(s) you're wishing to bring onto that date and you're all set. Room List, contacts, check-in/check-out times and URLs are also imported for you.


Unlinking Hotels On Master Tour

In Master Tour, there may be the case where you're wishing to load the same hotel record on an adjacent day but adjust the info slightly. If this is the case, you can unlink the new record and prevent updates to it affecting your other records.

From here click on the hotel record you wish to unlink and click on the "UNLINK" button on the top right.


Removing Hotels

Select the hotel record you wish to remove. Once you've selected it, you can remove the record by clicking "REMOVE" at the top right.


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