Installing and Logging Into Master Tour


In order to download and use the Master Tour desktop application, you'll first need a Professional level account. If you've never used Master Tour before, click here to learn how to sign up for a free 30 day trial. If you've used Master Tour before, click here to learn how to upgrade or reactivate your Professional account.


Downloading the Master Tour Installer

Once you have a Professional level account, you'll just need to log into Once there, you'll see download links on the right side for MacOS, Windows, and even Linux. Just click on the version for whichever system you're on to download the Master Tour installer.

If you're on MacOS, continue to the next step. If you're on a PC, click here or scroll down for installation instructions.


MacOS Installation

  1. When you click on the download link, your web browser will download a .dmg file (usually to your Downloads folder)
  2. Double click on this .dmg file to open it
  3. Drag and drop the Master Tour icon into the Applications folder
  4. That's it! Master Tour is now in your Applications folder, and you can double click on the Master Tour application to open it.


Note: if you have previously installed Master Tour 2, Master Tour 3.0 will install to the same location, and overwrite your old Master Tour 2 application (but not overwrite your Master Tour 2 data). If you wish to keep Master Tour 2, please rename that application to "Master Tour 2" before installing Master Tour 3.0.

Continue below to see more info on logging into Master Tour for the first time.


Windows Installation

  1. When you click on the download link, your web browser will download a .exe file
  2. Double click on this .exe file to run the installer
  3. You'll see a Master Tour Setup screen:
  4. Once this finishes, your new installation of Master Tour will automatically launch.

Note: If you have previously installed Master Tour 2, then Master Tour 2 may automatically launch after Master Tour 3 finishes its installation. Just click the search bar in the bottom left corner, and search for "Master Tour" to find your proper Master Tour 3 installation. Master Tour 3 will be installed in a location of: C:\Users\*your Windows username*\AppData\Local\Programs\master-tour


Logging In For The First Time

  1. Once you double click on your Master Tour application to open it, you'll see a brief loading bar while Master Tour starts up
  2. The first screen you'll see after this loading bar is our Terms Of Service. Read these over, then click the "I Accept" button if you accept these terms:
  3. If you accept our Terms Of Service, you'll then see a login screen - just enter your Master Tour email address and password to log in:
  4. Once you log in, you'll see a screen that says Setting Up Master Tour with a progress bar
  5. Once that progress bar finishes, if your user account doesn't have Manager or greater permissions for any Organizations yet, you can create your own Organization and get started with adding your tour info. See this article for more info on setting up your first Tour.

    If your user account is added to at least one Organization with at least Manager permissions, you'll have more steps in your setup. Continue on with this article for more info.


Select Organizations To Sync

If you've been added to more than one Organization, you'll see this screen:

This screen is asking you if you want to sync in each of these Organizations' info. This will both download all their existing tour info, and also constantly update the info in your desktop app based on changes that you or your team have made. If you are added to an old Organization that you're currently not working with, you still may want to Enable that Organization so that you can sync in and use any Contacts, Venues, Hotels, Promoters, or other info that you'd entered in that old Organization.

Keep in mind that you can always sync in Organizations later, but you will need to Enable at least one Organization to sync before you can click the Next button:


After you enable at least one Organization and click the Next button, you'll see another Setting Up Master Tour progress bar. If your Organization(s) have more than one Artist from Master Tour 2 that have not been migrated yet, you'll see a "Multiple Artists Detected" screen, and can check out the section below for more info.

If your Organization(s) don't have unmigrated Artists from Master Tour 2, you'll see a screen asking "Would You Like To Adjust Settings For Any Tours?", and you can scroll down further in this article for a section on Adjusting Tour Settings.

Multiple Artists Detected

In Master Tour 2, data was structured with Organizations at the top level, with one or more Artist in each Organization, then with Tours in each Artist. In Master Tour 3, the "Artist" level has been deprecated and simplified, so that there are now just Organization and Tour levels in Master Tour 3.

Most Master Tour 2 users did not have more than one Artist in their Organizations, but might have had multiple Artists set up for archival or other sorting purposes. If you had multiple Artists set up under an Organization in Master Tour 2, you'll get this screen asking you to merge your Artists and Tours under one Organization:

You'll want to use the dropdown to select the Artist you want to use as your Primary Artist, and where you want to move all of this Organization's Tours. This is mainly important if you have others on your team who are still on Master Tour 2, as they will still see the Artist name in the Master Tour 2 desktop app, while Master Tour 3 users will only see Organization and Tour names. Keep in mind that merging multiple Artists together will also merge their Pass Types and Default Schedules, so you'll want to select whichever Artist has your most recent, most relevant info in terms of Pass Types and Default Schedules.

Once you've selected your Primary Artist, just click Next and you'll see a screen asking "Would You Like To Adjust Settings For Any Tours?" Check out the next section on Adjusting Tour Settings for more info on that.


Adjusting Tour Settings

After selecting Organization(s) to sync and migrating any Master Tour 2 Artists you might have, you'll see this screen:

This screen allows you to set multiple Tours as Active or Archived, Visible or Hidden. Here's what those settings mean:


Active vs. Archived

After you're finished with your setup, any Tour(s) that you're actively working on should be marked as Active, and will show up in your top left corner navigation dropdown. For instance, this is what it would look like if "Autumn 2019" was the only Tour that you've marked as "Active", and you clicked in the top left corner of the desktop app:


This Active Tour is quickly and easily accessible, and not cluttered with older tours in the list. However, if you've marked a Tour as Archived, you can still click on the Archived Tour dropdown to show all your Archived Tours. In this case, Spring 2018 is the only Archived Tour in this Organization:

You can change individual Tours to Active or Archived at any time as needed, not just in the initial setup. The Active/Archived setting ONLY applies to the desktop application, and does not affect users viewing info on Master Tour Mobile or


Visible vs. Hidden

The Visible/Hidden setting applies to whether or not a Tour is visible on Master Tour Mobile and If you mark a Tour as Visible, it will be visible on the Master Tour Mobile app and for any User who you have added to your Organization. If you mark a Tour as Hidden, it will not be visible on the Master Tour Mobile app or for anyone added to your Organization, including yourself.

The Visible/Hidden setting ONLY applies to the Master Tour Mobile app and, and does not affect users viewing info on the Master Tour desktop application for Mac and PC.


Finishing Up

Once you've adjusted your Tours' settings the way you want them, just click Finish. If you have more than one Organization that you've enabled for syncing, you may need to go through one or more of the above steps again for these other Organizations. Once you've set up all your Organizations, you'll be taken to the Dashboard of Master Tour!



If you see "Setting Up Master Tour" for a long time

  1. Keep Master Tour open for a while. You may have a lot of tour information that's downloading, or a slow internet connection that's taking things a while to download.
  2. Keep an eye on the text above the progress bar that starts with the word "Loading" - if the text is changing every now and then, then it means that you're still downloading info and it's just taking a while due to a slow connection and/or a lot of tour data.
  3. If you've been stuck on Setting Up Master Tour for a while, and the text above the progress bar hasn't changed for 15 minutes, try a factory reset by clicking on Help>Factory Reset in the top menu bar. If you're on a shaky internet connection and able to use a more stable internet connection, switch your internet connection, then try and log in again.
  4. If you've factory reset and are still having problems, please contact Eventric Support.




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