Tip of the Week - Create Schedule Items with New Time Display Options


Create Schedule Items with New Time Display Options

Master Tour users sometimes need to create a schedule item without assigning a definite time to an activity. To accommodate this we've added a setting to customize how time displays for each schedule item you create.




After you click the Add a New Schedule Item in the bottom-left corner of the Schedule tab, you will see a drop-down box underneath the start and end time fields.




You can display your Schedule and Travel Items as Exact Times, Approximate Times, TBD, or you can Hide Times in the app and the associated print-outs.



Schedule Items marked as Approx Time will show with the '~' symbol in front of them. You may want to choose that option for any schedule item containing some flexibility: for instance, a Travel Item involving unexpected traffic, or a Schedule Item for a support soundcheck depending on how smoothly things run in the day's itinerary.

Schedule Items that are marked as Exact Time will show the exact Start and End Time, and be used for all situations where there is no flexibility, such as hard curfew, set time, or load in /load out. Note that all Schedule and Travel Items that have the same Start and End Times will just appear with one time, and not a time range - "8:00 AM" instead of "8:00 AM - 8:00 AM".

To Be Determined - TBD is used in cases where the Schedule Item is not yet set in stone, and depends on other schedule items and their time. This could be anything from a band phone call that can be made at any time, or the time of the after show meal, where last minute things can play a big part in deciding whether the schedule item is going to happen and when. It is important to note that schedule items marked as TBD will display in your schedule timeline based on the time you input in the time window for that item. In the first example below you can see the After Show meal item placed in the timeline for the suggested time ( 11:15 PM), even though the time itself is not yet determined:





The last option, Hide Time, allows you to hide the time entirely. As with TBD items, whatever time you set is where they'll show up in your itinerary. Here's how each time option might show up in your mobile app:





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