Tip of the Week - Master Tour Mobile


Download the New Master Tour Mobile

Master Tour Mobile is one of the most critical tools for communicating with your artists, crew/team, and distributed contacts. We’ve redesigned our mobile app to give you a cleaner, easier to use interface, as well as some great new features!


 You can update your app by clicking the updates section of the App Store/Google Play Store on your mobile device or download the app directly from here:

iOS: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/master-tour-mobile/id347364187?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eventric.mastertour 

We’ve re-organized all of your tour book data in tabs for easier access to the specific set of data you’re looking for. We now have separate sections for your Dates, Crew, Route, Tags, Guest List, and Set List.


 In addition to our improved speed and stability, we’ve now brought back our previous tabs of Itinerary, Events, and Hotels, as well as Local within each individual event you select from your Dates tab.


                         1.                                                       2. 

Image-1_copy.jpg       Image-1-2_copy.jpg

 You can now find the Guest List option from within the actual individual event itself for better organization. In addition to adding new requests and editing existing entries, you can also update and approve or decline any entry and have it instantly sync back to your desktop copy of Master Tour. You can also view each event’s setlist from your phone through the individual event.

 Image-1-3_copy.jpg         Image-1-3_copy.jpg

 Download the update and give it a spin! We’ve added the option to refresh everything by simply swiping up, as well as the ability to easily download your entire tour’s worth of dates and info for offline automatic viewing. 

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