Tip of the Week - Create a Unique Organization for Each Artist


Create a Unique Organization for Each Artist

The best way to organize all of the Artists that you may work with over the course of your career in Master Tour is to create a unique Organization for each. Because all of the sharing preferences in Master Tour work on the Organization level, you will have the most flexibility with who shares your tour by dedicating a unique Organization for each Artist.



Creating a new Organization is easy. Simply click on the ORG Icon at the bottom of your Leg Menu. From here, you will be prompted to create a name for your Organization. This name will never appear on any of your Master Tour printouts (tour books, dailies, schedules, etc.) and can be changed at any time. Once you have added you Artist within this new organization, you will be able to start creating Tour Dates and add syncing users via the Organization-specific My Users tab.





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