Tip of the Week - Isolate Individual Venue Records From Master Records


Isolate Venue Records From Master Records

If you have customized a venue's info in a unique way in Master Tour, and you want to preserve that data for a particular Tour Date without including those details in the Master Record for that Venue, Master Tour allows you to separate an individual venue record from any existing or future uses of that venue.

If say for example, you are playing an arena with a 3/4 set-up rather than in the round and you want to enter detailed notes about the stage setup for this particular show while retaining the details of the typical setup in the system’s Master Record, click on the menu in the upper-right corner of the Venue window shade.

If you click on the Linked to Master option, you will be given the option to “Unlink from Master”.  




After you have selected this option, any changes you now make to the Venue notes, Production, Facilities, Equipment, etc. will remain in the Venue details for this particular event, rather than the Master Venue Record, which will is accessible and reusable throughout your Organization. Any future changes to the Master Record will not overwrite the data that you have entered here and as a result, you will always be able to go back and reference the particular details of this event.

You can search for your Venue records in your Local Directory:




The Venue record with the red symbol on the left is the customized version you created.




Note that any Venue info on a Tour Date in the past will automatically be disconnected from the Master Record. So for instance, if you were at the El Rey Theatre in 2017, and are going back in 2019, editing the El Rey Theatre's venue info to update for 2019 will not update the historical record from 2017. Alternatively, editing the El Rey Theatre venue record in your 2017 tour will not affect the El Rey Theatre Master Record, and will not update the instance in 2019.

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