Tip of the Week - Print Custom Signage From Master Tour


Print Custom Signage From Master Tour

We’ve recently added the ability to print custom signage for your day of show needs from within Master Tour. In addition to our selection of customizable day sheets and exports, you can now create directional signage for paths within venues, hotels, or labeling backstage areas (dressing rooms, catering, etc.).

To generate customizable signage, simply go to File -> Print -> Signs.


 From here, you can go either to Signs: Directional Signs to Hang Up, or [HTML] Signage. Choosing the first option will take you here:



 You will see a preview window with the Eventric Report Controls in the upper-right corner. These controls will allow you to adjust the font size to your liking as well as the orientation of the directional arrow. You can also adjust the margin sizes for your signage in the top tool bar.

The HTML option will take you to this window:


 From there you can customize your signage choosing the logo, sign description, etc.



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