Tip of the Week - View All of Your Organization’s Contacts


View All of Your Organization’s Contacts

Most Master Tour users spend a good amount of time while creating their first tours entering personnel and other data unique to their organization so that they can utilize it and edit it as the embark on their first run.


You can enter brand new contact records in various locations in the app, but after they have been created they may seem hard to return to and review.


If you’d like to review all of the contacts that you (or anyone that you are syncing with) have entered for your organization, click on the Directory section in the bottom-right corner of the application window. Click on the People tab and make sure that the Search Only Within Organization check box is checked.




Click once in the Enter Search Term Field and then hit Return without typing anything. This will return a list of all of the contacts that have been created that are exclusive to your organization. From here you can view and edit them without attaching them to an event first.

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