Tip of the Week - Edit Day Titles and Descriptions


Edit Day Titles and Descriptions

When you create a new day in Master Tour, the system automatically titles the day New Day if you bypass creating an event. If these days never have events scheduled for them, you can change their title to either Day Off, Travel Day, or whatever you choose.


Click on the day title in the upper-left corner of the Dashboard tab (just to the right of the red Master Tour logo. Once you click on the day title, you can change it to something descriptive (Travel Day, Avail, Day off etc.). You can also enter city, state, zip, country info underneath this new title by clicking on the No Location text. You can be as descriptive as you like with day titles – i.e. Travel Day to Boston, MA or choose Travel Day as the day title and indicate the destination or departure city and state underneath the title for help in quick glancing.




This new day title will appear in the Leg Menu in the right column, as well as on your reports (Dailies, Tour Book etc.). The ability to edit the Day Title can come in handy even for days with events. For example you might be playing the Late Show with David Letterman in NYC. The Venue is the Ed Sullivan Theatre, but you may want the artist and your crew to see Late Show. You can edit it in the Overview tab and it will print out this way, while preserving the name of the venue. This ability may also come in handy when playing festivals where the Festival name is different from the venue location or stage name.

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