Tip of the Week - Split & Combine Tour Legs


Split & Combine Tour Legs

Over the lifetime of a tour, plans my change, shows might get cancelled or added, and legs often get extended or re-configured. Rather than making you re-create entire days from scratch every time something changes, Master Tour has added some handy functions that allow you to split & combine existing legs, re-name and re-package resulting legs, and easily move individual dates from one leg to another.




To view the dates of the leg that you’re working on, click on the leg name in the Tour Overview section. You will see the tabs in the left window change to reveal all of the settings for your tour. Click on the tab titled Dates. Here you will find a complete list of the dates for your leg. If you click on the check box to the left of the date, a drop-down box will appear that will allow you choose which leg you would like to move the selected dates to. If you don’t have an existing leg that you would like to move them to, you can create one by entering its name and then clicking the Create Tour and Move Dates button to the right of that field. This will allow you to create a new leg and populate it with the dates you are moving all in one step.


You can split up an existing leg or even combine many leg fragments into one larger tour and then easily re-name the resulting leg and/or create a new Tour name to describe it, all inside the tour’s Overview tab.


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