Tip of the Week - Use the Gear Manifest to Manage Your Gear


Use the Gear Manifest to Manage Your Gear

Master Tour lets you catalogue and manage all of the valuable gear that you bring out on the road. In the case of theft or damage, having an accurate list of all of your gear can prove to be invaluable.


If you click on the name of your Tour Leg in the Organization Overview section, you will find a tab called Gear Manifest. Here you will be able to create a new row for each piece of gear that you’d like to catalogue. Click on the Add Gear button in the bottom-left corner of the window. This will create a new row (highlighted in blue) and place your cursor in the first column. You can enter the make, model, item dimensions, a detailed description of the piece, value, and serial number. The last two are critical for insurance & police purposes in the case of theft.




Once you have your items entered into this grid, you can organize all of the gear by Quantity, Size, Value, Origin, or any other column by clicking on the name of the column header. In addition to using the Gear Manifest grid to locate and edit gear that you are utilizing on the road, you can quickly and easily print out a copy of your manifest. Go to File -> Print/Export and choose Print to Templates. In the templates folder on left side of the window, you will find a folder titled Inventory and inside you will find the report called Gear Manifest.


If you click Generate, your Gear Manifest Report will be saved to your Desktop. From here, you can either print it out directly to provide it to others, or choose to save as a PDF to email to parties for review. 

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