Tip of the Week - Auto Sync Your Master Tour


Auto Sync Your Master Tour

Master Tour allows you to share your data with other Master Tour Professional users (who are using the full desktop version of the app) as well as any Premium users (iPhone, iCal, Google Cal, my.eventric.com) that you set up to share with. Your data is sent to our secure servers every time you hit the Sync button in the bottom-right corner of the application.


There are times during your tour when you may want to be syncing as often as possible, in order to keep everyone as current as possible with the data (daily schedule, travel etc.) that you are confirming. In addition to the time saving keystroke shortcut that we have implemented (Apple+S on Macs, CNTRL+S on PCs), Master Tour now offers an Auto Sync option.




You can activate the Auto Sync option by clicking on the Sync Menu at the top of your screen and choosing Auto Sync from the choices below. Once this is activated, Master Tour will automatically sync every 15 minutes and show the time counting down to the next sync in the status area in the bottom-left corner of the application window.


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