Tip of the Week - Configure Custom Guest List Pass Types


Configure Custom Guest List Pass Types

Master Tour’s powerful Guest List module can be used to coordinate your entire request & approval process, alphabetically sort guests, and quickly search for guests when lists run longer than the screen. In addition to these functions, you can customize the types of guest list passes that you would like to offer for each tour.



To configure your Guest List Pass Types, click on the Artist name in the Organization Overview section. Once this is highlighted, click on the Guest List Passes tab. You can add a new pass type by clicking the Add Pass Type Button in the bottom-left corner. This will create a new row in the grid above. If you click in the first column labeled Pass Types Abbreviation, you will see a drop-down list appear that is pre-populated with abbreviations for some of the most widely used pass types, such as Meet & Greet, VIP, All Access, Support, Escort Lam etc. You can use one of these or a custom entry by clicking in this field and creating your own type. You can enter a description in the second column titled Pass Type Meaning and then go on to define the Pass Type Material (Laminate, Sticker, Wristband, etc.) in the third column.


If you head to the Guest List section, after setting these up, you will now see new columns representing these pass types. These new columns are now ready for use and will appear on all of the Guest List print reports as well.


WARNING: If you change the pass type abbreviation for a pass that has existing guest list requests under it, those amounts will be deleted. Take caution when changing pass type abbreviations.


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