Tip of the Week - Create Custom Dailies


Create Custom Dailies

In addition to the 8 classic layouts included for your daily reports, Master Tour allows users to customize the look & content of their dailies. If you would like to change the font or font size, edit page elements, add logos or additional notes, choose Print/Export rather than Print from the File Menu. The Master Tour Flexible Export window will open displaying all of Master Tour’s report templates. The first folder contains all of the system’s day sheets. Click on one of the day sheet templates to select the layout that you’d like to use and then click on the Generate button in the bottom-right corner.




The system will export the layout to a Rich Text File (.RTF) and prompt you to save it to your desktop. Once you have saved the file, right-click it (or CNTRL+Click on a Mac) and choose open with Microsoft Word. Once the RTF file is open in MS Word, you can edit the font size, color, insert graphics, re-size table boundaries and borders etc.


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