Tip of the Week - Add New Sharing Users To Your Master Tour


Add New Sharing Users To Your Master Tour

You can easily add additional users to any of the organizations that you have created in Master Tour, in order to share critical show and scheduling data with. You can invite new users to your system either at my.eventric.com or within the desktop application itself.


After you have logged into to my.eventric.com with your email/Master Tour PW, click on the My Users link. From here, you can add new users by clicking the Add New User button. Check to see if the user that you are trying to add is already a current Master Tour user by entering their email address and clicking the Check Email button. If the user is already in our system, you can click the Proceed to Organization Assignment button and choose their access level. If the email address is not in our system, you can proceed to enter their information and create the user account.




From within Master Tour, click on the Organization name (it will become highlighted in blue) and then on the My Users tab. Click once on the Add New User button and you will be prompted to enter the new user’s email address just as above.




You can create new Professional and Mobile users this way and set & edit permission levels for each user once they have validated their email address and activated their account.


For further information about setting user permissions, check out these further instructions.


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