Tip of the Week - Share Your Tour Data Via Calendar Apps


Share Your Tour Data Via Calendar Apps

You can share your tour book level data with any Master Tour Mobile user via the most widely used calendar applications out there, including iCal, Google Calendar, and MS Outlook calendar. In your Master Tour desktop application, click on the name of the leg of the tour that you would like to share info for. Once you have clicked it, the leg name will be highlighted in blue and you will see a link in the Overview tab that says "Calendar Sharing".




A new window will open up and provide you with a customized calendar subscription URL. Simply copy and paste this URL into an email to the person that you would like to share your tour info with and they will be able to subscribe to this data feed from within their calendar application. Once they have added the calendar, they will simply need to login once with their Master Tour username and PW and they will receive updated data as you add to and edit it.


If you’d like to add Mobile users to your account and grant them access to your tour, follow these instructions.


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