Tip of the Week - Delete Events Without Deleting Days


Delete Events Without Deleting Days

Master Tour allows you to create multiple events on any given day. If you ever get into a situation where an event gets cancelled or you mistakenly enter an extra event on a day, you can delete that event rather than deleting the day itself and starting over or worse, leaving an obvious hole in your itinerary.



In order to delete the event, click on the name of the tour leg. In the left panel, you will see a tab called Dates. Click on this tab and then click on the row of the date in question in the table below. After you click on this date to highlight it, you will see the events associated with this day in the smaller table below. From here, you can find the date that you would like to delete and click on the X in the far right column to remove this event. You will now have successfully removed the event without deleting the primary event or the day itself.

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