Tip of the Week - Move Your Tour Legs to a New Artist


Move Your Tour Legs to a New Artist

Master Tour now allows you to move any tour that you have created to another artist within your Organization. This can be helpful if you have accidentally created a new leg under the incorrect artist or if you’d like to consolidate or archive tour legs in order to tidy up your active legs in your leg menu.




Click on the name of the tour leg that you would like to transfer. Then click on the Maintenance tab. In our latest release (Master Tour 1.2 Build 145), you will now see a drop down box listing Associated Artist. Click here to choose the artist that you would like to transfer the tour leg to and click the button that reads Change Artist.


If you would like to move your past legs out of your leg menu, you can create a new artist called Archive and use our new function in the Maintenance tab to move everything but the current tours into this folder.

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