Tip of the Week - Import Your Contacts From Your Address Book


Import Your Contacts From Your Address Book

We’ve updated Master Tour so that you can now import your existing contacts instead of adding them one by one. You can import any of your contacts that are in the vCard format. Most address books and mail programs will allow you to export your contacts in this format.




To export your contacts on from Apple’s Address Book, simply select the contacts that you’d like to exports or click All Contacts. Go to the File Menu and choose Export Vcards. This will save all of your contacts to a .vcf file.


After you have opened up Master Tour, click on the Directory section. You can create a new blank contact and drag and drop your individual vCard onto the ID Card logo in the upper–right corner. If you’d like to import your combined vCard file, you can drag and drop it into Directory section underneath the leg menu. After you have done so, you will see a confirmation window indicating the number of contacts that you are about to import.




To view the new set of contacts that you now have, click on the People filtering tab and click in the Enter Search Term field. Press return or enter without entering any text and leaving the Search Only Within Organization checkbox checked. You will now see a complete list of your contacts below.

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