Tip of the Week - Configure Master Tour for Military Time


Configure Master Tour for Military Time

We’ve recently updated Master Tour so that you can now choose to configure your system to display schedule item times in Military time (ie a 24-hour clock).




Some users may prefer this mode based on the country they are traveling in or simply their personal preferences. To configure the time format for you Master Tour, click on the Artist’s name to access the Artist Overview section. From here, click on the fourth tab from the left called International Preferences. Underneath the DD/MM/YYYY preference selector, you will find a drop down that let’s you choose a standard AM/PM clock and 24-hr option. Once you have changed your time format, Master Tour will prompt you to restart your application.




After you have restarted your copy of Master Tour, and clicked on your schedule, you will now see the times for your scheduled activities presented in military time. You can see these changes reflected in other areas of the app, for example Hotel check-in and check-out times, travel times etc.

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