Tip of the Week - Utilize Master Tour’s Tasks


Utilize Master Tour’s Tasks

Master Tour allows you to create tasks throughout your tour in order to coordinate and monitor everything that needs to get done while on the road or leading up to it.


You can create tasks in Tasks, Attachments, Notes tab on each day. Once you’ve clicked on this tab, you can create a new task by clicking on the Add Task in the bottom-left corner of the Tasks grid. After you create a task, you can set its status, enter a description, and assign it to yourself or one of your crew.




You can track the tasks that you’ve associated with this day/event by simply clicking between days while you’re advancing shows. You can also see a list of tasks on the Dashboard for each day if you have your window open to its largest width. In the third column of the Dashboard, you will see a section called Open Tasks. Underneath this table of tasks, you will see checkboxes that will allow you to Show Tasks for the Entire Tour and Show Completed Tasks. With these checkboxes checked, you can review the open tasks for the entire tour and make adjustments, re-assignments, confirm completions etc. from any day that you are working on.


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