Tip of the Week - Create and Copy Room Lists


Create and Copy Room Lists

Master Tour allows you to quickly create room lists for all of the hotels that you utilize during the course of your tour. You can quickly add tour personnel to the Room List tab within the Hotel detail by clicking on the Add Person button in the bottom-left corner.




After you have added the appropriate members of your travel party and filled out their room preferences, check in/out dates, and confirmation numbers, you can click on the Copy Room List Information button at the button of the grid to capture all of this info. After you have successfully done this, you will see the word "Copied" appear to the right of this button, which indicates that all of this data has been copied to your system’s Clipboard.




You can open up MS Word, Excel, or even a new email message and paste all of this data. The room info will preserve its formatting allowing you to easily determine each member of your party’s preferences at a glance. You can now easily send this information to travel agents, hotel contacts, and everyone your are coordinating travel for.

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