Tip of the Week - Hide Tour Legs From Sharing Users


Hide Tour Legs From Sharing Users

Master Tour allows you to configure individual tour legs to not be shared with all of your Master Tour read-only users. There are a couple notable scenarios where you might want to do this. One is a situation where you are working on a tour that you don’t want to release any information about the tentative dates, schedules, etc. until they are finalized - even to Mobile users in your organization. A second common scenario is when you have been touring with one artist for years and you don’t want to clutter up new users’ mobile apps with past tours that they may not have even been involved in working on.




If you would like to hide a tour leg, begin by selecting the leg with a single click (it will then be highlighted in blue). You will see the Tour Name and Leg name fields in the Overview tab that opens. Just beneath this, you will see a button that says "Visible on Mobile" (or "Hidden on Mobile" depending which state is selected). If you click this button and then Sync, this tour leg will no longer appear for Mobile users on their mobile app, shared calendar feed (if you’ve activated calendar sharing), and their secure web interface at my.eventric.com.


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