Tip of the Week - Configure International Settings


Configure International Settings

Master Tour allows you to configure your copy of the app for the countries that you are touring in. Two critical settings are the date (mm/dd/yyyy) configuration and the currency for the countries that you’re working in.


To configure the date format that you’d like to use, click on your Organization’s name. Then click on the International Preferences Tab. Here you can select either DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, or YYYY-MM-DD to fit your itinerary style. Any changes here will require you to quit out of the application and open it again. After you have done so, you will see the date format reflected in the leg menu, as well as all of the print-outs and reports.




You can also choose the type of currency that you’ll be working in. You will need to restart the app after this change as well but after you have, you will see all of the currency fields in the Accounting section reflect this change. You can now see your new units on the Contract page along with an editable exchange rate, as well as in the expenses, adjustments, and various tax fields throughout the Settlement section.


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