Tip of the Week - Saving and Loading Set Lists


Saving and Loading Set Lists

Master Tour allows you to quickly and easily create set lists from any song pool that you have created for each of your artists.


After you have spent some time creating a full set list that you’ve tested for an event, you can save that particular list and use it as a jumping-off point for later shows in the tour. Simply click the Save Set button located underneath the Set List grid. Go to the date that you would like to apply it to and then click the Load Set button.




Rather than building a set list from scratch each night, loading a prior list will save you time, while also allowing you the freedom of drag and drop re-ordering and the ability to add, edit, or delete elements the songs titles, tech notes, and set-specific details that are already there.


You can create as many saved set list templates as you like and apply them to whichever dates you choose. When you click on the Load Set button, you will see all of your previous saved lists in a drop down with the specific titles that you have created.


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