Tip of the Week - Managing Overnight Schedules


Managing Overnight Schedules

Master Tour’s Scheduling module is one of the most powerful features in the app. You can create template schedules specific to individual artists or venue-types and completely organize your daily schedule, publicity events, and your entire crew’s travel details.



If you do have after-show schedule items like tear down or overnight travel that you would like to keep associated with the particular date that you are working on – rather than anything after 12:00 AM wrapping over to the next day – Master Tour gives you a quick and easy solution to configure tasks to display correctly within the app and on all of the scheduling reports that the system can generate.



To indicate that a scheduled activity after midnight should appear at the end of your evening in the correct order, double click the schedule item and and click the checkbox next to the start and end time (where applicable) marked +1. This will tell the system how to correctly order this schedule item, keeping it in the intended position for the day.


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