Tip of the Week - Guest List Notification System


In addition to having your users receive Guest List request status updates via Master Tour Mobile, Master Tour now has the ability to notify your Guest List requestors directly (via email) of successful ticket approvals. In addition to that, this new feature will allow your users to specify who they would like to have notified of your approval of their requests.

In order to use this feature, you must first enable the notification system on your desktop version of Master Tour. In order to do this, select the Artist you’d like to configure by clicking their name in the artist overview section. Once you have selected them, you will see five tabs appear in the left-hand window. In the third tab (titled Guest List Preferences), you will see a drop down box that will allow you to enable the notification. Click on the Yes option here. You will need to Sync once, in order to activate this feature.



Users submitting Guest List requests from their Master Tour Mobile apps can modify the email field in the Guest List Request form, in order to have any recipient notified directly. 

You may also modify this email field (which exists within the Guest Details section), to direct the approval message to any updated recipient.


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