"Archiving" Old Tours


Currently, Master Tour does not have an official Tour archiving system, but we thought it would be useful to outline the most common way to tidy up your old tours. So here it is!

Restrictions: you cannot archive Tours from one Organization to another Organization, and Set List info will no longer remain valid when moved to a different Artist, since Song Pool info is stored at the Artist level. If you wish to view Set List info after archiving a Tour, you can move that Tour back to its original Artist, and the Set List info will appear properly again while the Tour resides in its original Artist.


Step 1 (optional): Marking the Tour as Hidden on Mobile

Making sure a Tour is marked as Hidden on Mobile on a Tour's Tour Overview page, then syncing, will hide that Tour from both the Master Tour mobile apps and my.eventric.com. This will also prevent mobile users from being able to view past Tour Dates on their mobile apps, so if you want users to be able to view old Tour Dates on their mobile apps, don't hide your old Tours. For more info on how to hide and show Tours, check out this article.


Step 2: Creating an "Archive Artist"

To keep things tidy in the desktop app, you can create an Artist called "Archive" (or whatever else, it's up to you), then move all your old Tours to it. To create an Artist, just select File>New>Artist from the top menu bar, or click the "Artist" button in the bottom right corner of the tour list. After entering your Artist's name ("Archive," in our case), you can exit out of the Creation Wizard before entering a Tour name or Tour Dates, in order to create an empty Artist.


Step 3: Moving Your Old Tour to the "Archive Artist"

Select the old Tour that you want to move, then go to the Maintenance tab. There, you will see a button that says "Move Tour to Another Artist." Simply select the Artist you want to move the Tour to (in our case, the "Archive" Artist), then click "Move Tour to Another Artist."

After clicking the "Move Tour to another Artist" button, you'll get a success message:

and then you'll see the Tour show up under your "Archive" Artist in the tour list, keeping it out of your current Artist, and keeping things uncluttered:


Some TMs like to set up each year of touring as a separate Artist, others will set up blocks of years as different Artists, others will just have one Artist that contains all their old Tours. It's your choice!

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