Viewing Past Tour Dates on Mobile


By default, your mobile device will only show future dates, and a few current and past dates. However, you can enable your device (both iOS and Android) to show all the tour dates in a tour, past and present.

1. Go to your Dates listing for your tour.

2. Touch the calendar icon in the top right corner:


3. Touch the "Show" button to confirm you want to view past tour dates: 


4. View past tour dates! Your past tour dates will appear in your Tour Date list with greyed out backgrounds and strikethru dates, while your current and future tour dates will appear with white backgrounds and normal date formatting:


To hide past tour dates again, just touch that calendar icon again, and select "Hide Past Dates."

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  • Avatar
    Kath Creamer

    I do not see this calendar option in Eventric on my Android phone.Please advise whether this still exits. Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Dave Rouze

    I do not have it as well and never have. Why?

  • Avatar
    Ben Walls

    No reply for Dave & Kath? I don't use an android, but I imagine I will get this question from someone who does and would also like to know what to advise them.

  • Avatar
    Kath Creamer

    Thanks, Ben. This feature is still not available and I have not received a response from Eventric.

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hey all - I'm guessing you haven't updated your mobile apps yet. Old versions (Pre-2017) will not have this option. Please download the latest version here for Android:

    and here for iOS: