Master Tour Mobile General Use Guide


First, make sure you've downloaded the free Master Tour Mobile app from the App Store or the Google Play store:


Once you've downloaded and opened the app, you'll need to log in to view tour data:

If you haven't been sent an email with a randomized password to log in with, check with your TM. Existing users will not be sent new passwords when they're added to a new Organization, so you will need to tap Reset Password if you have an account already and don't know your password. Check out this article for more info on resetting your password. If you're not sure if you have a Master Tour account or not, you can tap Reset Password then enter your email, and you'll get an error if you don't have an account for that email.


After logging in, you'll see a screen prompting you to choose a Tour. Either tap on the Show Tour Picker button or the Choose A Tour: Click Here header at the top, then tap on the name of the tour you wish to view:

Intro screen Tours and Settings

You'll notice green cloud icons next to each Tour - these are for Preloading Tour Data for offline use. Just tap a cloud to start downloading all of your tour's current info, then when the progress bar is complete, you can view your tour info while offline. Keep in mind that this is a onetime download, and will not automatically update all of your tour dates the next time you're on data or wifi, though tapping on individual dates while on data or wifi will refresh those dates' info.


Once you select a tour, you'll be able to see a list of all upcoming Tour Dates in your Tour, as well as buttons for viewing your Crew list, Route, and Tags:

For Dates, you can scroll through all available tour dates, and touch one to see more information on that date, including Itineraries. Only future tour dates, and a few recent dates will be shown by default - check out this article on viewing past tour dates if you want to see all dates in a tour. 


Once you touch a date to view, you'll see the Notes and Schedule section, where you can touch individual schedule or travel items to view more detailed information (if you're a Professional user, you can also add/edit Schedule Items and Notes, check out this article for more info):

You can tap and hold on certain sections in the mobile app to copy them to your clipboard - if you tap and hold on this screen, you can copy all of your notes and schedule items for pasting into emails, text messages, etc. Other sections that allow this tap-and-hold-to-copy feature include Dates, Venue, Hotel, Hotel Room List, and Guest List.


You'll see different headings for Itinerary, Event, Hotels, and Local. Tapping Event will show you an overview of your Venue, Promoter, Contacts, Guest List, and Set List:

If you have Mobile Guest List permissions, you can touch the Guest List button in the Event section to go to the Guest List section. Check out this article on adding and managing guests on mobile for more info on this feature.


Tapping on your Venue's name and address will take you to that Venue's more detailed info, including Venue general contact info, Venue Notes, Production, Facilities, and more:

You'll see a "Map" pin next to Venue and Hotel addresses - you can tap on that pin to open the address in Google Maps on your mobile device. Any phone numbers or emails you see for contacts will also be hyperlinked, and will open your phone or email app when you touch them. If you are having issues with a phone number hyperlinking for a contact, format it without any hyphens or parentheses, only using spaces for any necessary breaks. If you're having issues with non-US phone numbers, try entering them with a + symbol and no spaces or other symbols, like +99999999999.


Tapping Hotels will show any Hotels added for the current Tour Date, with a corresponding Room List section:

Hotels Room List


Tapping on the Local tab will show you a map of where your Venue and Hotel are located:

You can either tap on the pins on your map to view more info, or swipe on the card at the bottom to cycle through Venues, Hotels, and Tags for your Tour Date's area.


If you tap on the Crew section at the bottom of your screen, you'll see a listing of your Tour Crew where you can tap any of the names to view more info on that crew member. Once there, you can touch phone numbers and email addresses to automatically call or email using your device's default phone and email apps.

TMs - keep in mind that this section shows anyone added in the Tour Crew section of the desktop application, and is not the same as My Users.


Tapping on Route will show you a map of all the Venue addresses in your Tour, where you can tap on pins or swipe the card at the bottom to cycle through where you'll be on your Tour:


Tapping on Tags will take you to our tagging section for saving your favorite places on tour. Restaurants, bars, music stores, hardware stores, anyplace you want to remember for the next time you come through town can be tagged here. You can also view other Master Tour users' favorite places, so whenever you roll through a city you've never been to before, you can see recommended places from other touring crews.



Tapping on More will give you access to Settings, Push Notifications, and Sign Out. In the Settings section, you can change your preferred Date and Time formats, and toggle Tours to make them visible or hidden in your mobile app's Tour List:



By tapping More then Push Notifications, you can see all Push Notifications that you've been sent. Push Notifications are sort of like text messages through the Master Tour mobile app, and Professional users can send them to any of their users through the desktop application by following these instructions.

As always, just email, chat with us using the chatbox in the bottom right corner of this page, or call us at 773 862 4246 ext 25 if you have any more questions!

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