Recovering Deleted Tour Data


So you've spent all day slaving away at advancing your tour, booking hotels, drafting itineraries, getting production info from venues. And then... it happens. You didn't mean to, but you accidentally deleted part of your tour, all that work, and now you're angry and confused and probably wanting to throw your computer out a window.

Luckily, you don't have to throw your computer out a window, you can just go to and undelete that data! You can recover data as small as a Schedule Item, all the way up to data as large as an entire Organization. NOTE: you must sync your Master Tour desktop application after recovery in order to see any Tour Data Recovery changes.

First, log into, click on your name in the top right corner, and select Recover Deleted Data:

Then, select the Organization you want to recover from. Clicking "View Artists" on the right side will show you all the Artists within that Organization. Or, if you're needing to recover an entire Organization, click the "Deleted" text:

Then, either select the Artist you want to recover by clicking the red "Deleted" icon next to your Artist's name, or select "View Tours" to view all the Tours for an Artist:

You're probably getting the gist of it by now, but I'll keep going... Then, either select the Tour you want to recover by clicking the red "Deleted" icon next to your Tour's name, or select "View Days" to view all the Tour Dates for a Tour:

But wait, it goes deeper! Either select the Tour Date you want to recover by clicking the red "Deleted" icon next to the Tour Date title, or click "View Schedule Items" to view all the Schedule Items for a Tour Date:

Finally, the smallest level of the tour data recovery section is here, in the Schedule Items. As before, you can click the red "Deleted" icon next to a Schedule Item's title to recover it:


And that's it! You've undeleted your tour data and saved the day, go have a beer and enjoy what could've otherwise been a super stressful afternoon.


Oh wait, it didn't work for you? Well check out these things, because we're pretty sure your data is in there somewhere:

  • You undeleted a Tour, and you can see the Tour but you can't see the Tour Dates? Sometimes you'll have to undelete each Tour Date, especially if each Tour Date was deleted individually. Same concept goes for Tour Dates/Schedule Items.
  • You can't find the Tour Date that you want to restore? It's possible that the Tour Date you're looking for was created or deleted with a different title than you remember. Check other Deleted Tour Dates to see if the one you want is still there, but under a different title. Same concept goes for all other recoverable items.
  • You accidentally restored a Tour Date that you don't really want? Well, just follow these instructions for deleting those unwanted Tour Dates. Or if you want to delete something bigger, here's how to delete Organizations, Artists, and Tours.
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