Sending Push Notifications


In order to send push notifications, you need:

1. A Professional ($49.99/mo) account

2. Manager level permissions to the Organization you wish to send Push Notifications in


In order to receive push notifications, users will need:

1. A Mobile (free) or Professional ($49.99/mo) account

2. Mobile Access permissions to the same Organization as the person sending the message


Once everyone has the proper permissions, you'll need to go to the Tour Overview section (Navigate>Tour Overview). In the Tour Overview, you'll see a Tour Crew section. In this section, you'll need to add everyone you want to send Push Notifications to as Crew Members, by clicking "Add Crew Members" or "Import Crew from another Tour".


The only two required pieces of information for sending push notifications are a user's name and the email address they use for Master Tour, though feel free to make these contact cards as extensive as you want. The "Role" section especially will come in useful, since you can quickly select users to send Push Notifications to by Role. The email address used for Master Tour must be entered in the Main Email field:


After you've added all the tour members that you want to send Push Notifications to, click "Sync," then click "Send Message." That will bring up the page below:


As you can see, all the Crew Members from the Tour Crew section appear here. If a valid Master Tour email address is entered for a Crew Member, and they've logged into the Master Tour mobile app before, a check box will appear next to their name. If a Crew Member contact record does not have a valid Master Tour email address, or hasn't logged into the app before, a  symbol will appear next to their name.

On the right side of the crew member record, you'll see a "Push" icon if a user is available to send Push Notifications to. If it appears as "Unregistered," it is because the email is misspelled in one place or the other, or the email isn't entered in Main Email on the Tour Crew contact, or that there isn't a user in My Users that has the same email address entered as a contact in Tour Crew. 

You can sort by the Crew Member Role using the dropdown at the top, which automatically selects all users with that role who are available for Push Notifications.

Then, once you have everyone checked that you want to send a message to, type your message and click "Send Message." Your message will then be sent to every user you checked in the Send Message tab:


Users can also view all past Push Notifications in the '...More'  tab on the bottom of the mobile app:



If the list of users in the Send Message section isn't appearing properly, click Reload Page. If it still isn't appearing properly, click Sync, then Reload Page.

If a user has the proper permissions, but still isn't receiving Push Notifications, tell them to check the Notifications section of their phone. This is under Settings>Notification Center in iOS, and you need to have some kind of notification enabled in order to receive notifications from Master Tour. These settings are already enabled by default.

If a user still isn't getting push notifications, and has logged into Master Tour on multiple devices, it's possible they have the wrong device selected for receiving push notifications. They can change the selected device for receiving push notifications at the My Devices section at

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