Key Concept: Using Variables


Variables in the Settlement Tab 

Entering accounting information in Master Tour can become time consuming, depending on how much information you will be entering into the settlement tab. Master Tour has ten variables in the settlement tab for your use. Using the variables will allow you to calculate values without having to go back and change values in different fields. Below is a screen cap of some variables in use, and listed below are the variables and where they are drawing their information from:

  • SOLD - This is number of tickets sold
  • SCANNED - Scanned ticket total
  • GROSS - Sold total times ticket value
  • ADJUSTED_GROSS - Gross minus the gross adjustments
  • NET - Adjusted gross minus taxes
  • ADJUSTED_NET - Net minus the net adjustments
  • ADJUSTED_NET_AFTER_EXPENSES - Adjusted net minus fixed and variable expenses
  • SPLIT - Adjusted net after expenses minus the promoter profit agreed on in the contract tab
  • TAKE - Artist fee after the split point, based on the contract information
  • ADJUSTED_TAKE - Take after final adjustments have been made


Looking at the definitions of the variables, you will be able to see that many of these fields follow a top down approach. For example, you will not be able to calculate the your net before the sold value has been added. Also, the importance of the contract information becomes evident when looking at the split value as well as the take. Be sure to verify the numbers before printing out any reports - checking information is always a good thing to do prior to sending out data to people in your organization.

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