Revenue Settlement


Your Revenue in the Settlement Tab

While out on tour, many users of Master Tour will see that the main source of revenue comes from ticket sales. This may be true for a majority of users, but what about those users who make their money from merchandise sales? We will look at two places to enter revenue information as well as look into ways to add revenue in the settlement tab.


Ticket sales make up a large portion of revenue for those on tour. Master Tour starts with three fields for ticket information, but additional ticket types can be added by clicking the Add Ticket Sale button. Enter different types including guest list passes. You may have noticed the many fields associated with the ticket fields. While many of the fields are clear, two fields that may cause confusion are the kills and scans. Kills refers to the tickets that could not be sold due to circumstances such as obstructed view. Scans are important because the event may be insured per person in the venue, and the more scans means more insurance to take out for the show.

After this information has been tallied, you will see a total calculated at the bottom of the ticket section. This is the gross amount prior to any adjustments or taxes that have been taken out.

Non-Settlement Income/Expenses

A second area that income sources can be added is the Non-Settlement Income/Expenses tab. While we will not discuss the technical aspects of this section at this time, it should be pointed out that if your income is greater than your expenses for this tab, you will see the value appear near the bottom of the settlement screen in the Non-Settlement Income/Expense section. NOTE: This value will display after all the expenses and taxes have been totaled. Be sure that all the taxes and fees associated with the Non-Settlement Income/Expenses have been added to this prior to finalizing your accounting information, or you may not be displaying these values correctly.  For more info on Non-Settlement Income/Expenses, check out this article.

Tips for Entering Revenue Besides Tickets

While on a book tour (or similar type of tour), your revenues may not be coming from tickets; they may be coming from your book or merchandise sales from the tour. This information could be entered into the ticket section. For example, if you have 300 books to sell at $20 per book, you could enter your information as face value at $20 with 300 available. The same could be said about merchandise revenue. Just be sure to rename the ticket field to the description of the item(s) being sold.

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